Do your



to cook?

Looking for new and fresh ways

to get your group participants

involved with hands-on cooking?

Bring in a Cooking Incursion team to cook with your kids

Hands-On Cooking Experience

  • Children get hands-on in a fun & practical cooking workshop.

  • Our friendly presenter demonstrates the recipe, then walks the kids through the recipe step by step.  

  • Safety practises, skill development and tasting skills are covered in this workshop.

  • All equipment, ingredients are provided. 

What space do you

need to cook in?

  • Sessions can be run in a classroom, hall or COLA.

  • We don't need access to an oven - unless you have one. There's lots of non oven menu items.

  • Each child cooks in their own workspace area, which is usually 6-8 kids per standard trestle table.

  • 30 kids each session then repeated sessions for extras (up to 120 per day)

Annual Booking Plan

  • Book all your 2024 cooking incursion dates with KLTC at 2023 prices.

  • Pay only one deposit fee.

  • No requirement to choose menu items until the start of the term prior (unless you're super keen to)

  • Documentation provided closer to date.

What can you cook ?

  • Sweet and Savoury options

  • Oven and Non-Oven recipes

  • Adjustments to suit children with specific nutritional or cultural requirements.

  • Alternatively, if you have a menu item that you'd like - let's talk.

  • Choose two items.

About Beth & the KLTC Team

  • In 2014 Beth founded Kids Love to Cook, seeing the business quickly grow and building a dynamic team that spanned Sydney.

  • Over the years since, Beth and the team have cooked with tens of thousands of kids, cooking in schools, vacation care centres, large community events, small private group workshops and online classes for individuals, corporate groups and the growing KLTC @ Home community.

  • She is a lover of healthy family food, life long learner, cooking tv shows watcher, avid reader of self-help books and Yorkshire detective mysteries with way too many recipes bookmarked on her phone.

  • Beth is Mum to her four daughters.

Let's get your students cooking!

Incursion prices from $15

per participant

The price to bring a Kids Love to Cook team to your centre is: (inc GST)

Up to 10 kids - 1 session (90 mins) - $550

Up to 20 kids – 1 session (90 mins) - $600

20-30 kids: 1 session (90 mins) - $650

31-35 kids – 2 sessions required - $750

36-40 kids: - 2 sessions required - $800

41-50 kids: 2 sessions required - $850

51-60 kids: 2 sessions required - $900

61-70 kids:  3 sessions  required - $1000

71-80 kids: 3 sessions required - $1200

81-100 kids:  3-4 sessions required - $1300

101-120 kids:  4 sessions required - $1500

121-140 kids: 5 sessions required - $1700

Want T&C's?

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